My third article was accepted by the Journal of Biomechanics! It’s about the application of axial speed of sound measurements to the follow-up of injured tendons; you can find out more by checking out the abstract here. I hope it will be available soon…I am really proud that it will be published by this journal, as it always publishes top notch articles. I hope this paper will help spread the application of this technique in the context of tendon quality assessment, as it looks really promising!
If everything goes right, I’ll have my FOURTH and FIFTH articles accepted quite soon, as currently they are both “conditionally accepted”.

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What you will find on this blog (or better put: the guidelines I wish to follow before drifting towards other stuff since guidelines are boring):

  • Programming and IT tips & tricks (I work with Matlab daily, but expect some Visual Basic and C++ as well)
  • Research news, on biomechanics and beyond
  • Website updates
  • The Grand Unified Theory (still working on it…)

See you soon!

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