The process of peer reviewing is long and often tedious, sometimes unfair, and sometimes it feels it is almost random. Churchill said “democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others”, and I think the same hold for peer reviewing. I’ll be honest, I actually like reviewing papers, and also having my papers reviewed. Once your paper enters the long reviewing process, your work is (almost) done, now someone else is working for you. This motivates to do it myself, and I try to do a thorough work.
I recently opened an account on Publons. They verify and validate the reviews, do statistics on them and so on. It has no real purpose for the time being, apart from having more career-related graphs, but I think at some point we’ll start recognizing the work going towards the peer review process.

Anyway, this post was inspired by a certificate I received from European Radiology, thanking me for my reviews; that was awesome! A nice gesture at zero cost for the editor and for the journal.

European Radiology - Peer Review Certificate

European Radiology – Peer Review Certificate

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