In this page you'll find a few of the things I recorded since 1997, when I was 15 and started playing guitar. Most of this stuff won't be of any interest for anyone that wasn't actually there, as it is amateurishly played and badly recorded, but I had lots of fun doing it! Sadly, I haven't a recording for each band I played in, so lots of music is just lost (for the benefit of the listeners ears).

Just like anybody else, I started playing Guns&Roses and Nirvana covers in a garage (which was filled with ham and salami, by the way, as it actually was the stocking room of a restaurant...). Then I moved on and played a lot of different genres (in different garages and, eventually, a few recording studios), from '70s rock, blues and soul to psychedelic pop, commercial pop, funky, jazz/funk and funk-metal (yes, there's such a thing as funk-metal).

Here we go...
2002-2008 - The Axis

A funky Jimi Hendrix tribute band

Voice Stefano Pinci
Luca Mazzilli
Bass Guitar Gabriele Alese
Drums Daniele D'Uffizi
Guitar Me!

Castles Made of Sand

Stone Free

Power to love (instrumental)

Spanish Castle Magic

Lunedi cinema

2008 - Some Clevers and a Blonde

Pop rock band (low-fi!)

Voice Martina Zammitti
Bass Guitar Selvaggia Serini
Drums Francesco Papadia
Guitar Francesco ElCiabe


I Wasn't

Kiss your dog instead

2005 - John F

Crepuscular acoustic pop (in Italian!)

Voice & Guitar Fernando Fidanza
Guitar Me!


Ti Stimo

Nelle Vie


200? - Opera

Italian commercial Pop

Voice Valerio di Francesco
Bass guitar Mamo Giovenco
Keyboards & electronics Marco Tognetto
Guitars Fernando Fidanza

Bevendo Stelle


2002 - Almalia

Italian alternative rock

Voice & Guitar Roberto Scippa
Bass guitar Matteo Portelli
Drums Simone Quarantini
Guitar Me!



1997-2000 - The buskers
aka The Witch on the Red Rocks

High school garage band

Voice Mamo Giovenco
Federica Marano
Giulia di Gianpasquale
Marco Tognetto
Some other people
Bass guitar Mamo Giovenco
Some other people
Keyboards Marco Tognetto
Drums Simone Quarantini
Guitar Me!

Time (Pink Floyd)

Confortably Numb (Pink Floyd)

Rock & Roll (Led Zeppelin)

Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix)