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02/2017 - present

[+] PostDoc in Biomechanics, Arts & Metiers ParisTech (France)

  • Biomechanics of the scoliotic spine: numerical modeling and experimental mechanical characterization
  • Early detection of progressive scoliosis
04/2015 - 12/2016

[+] Research Fellow, University of Exeter (United Kingdom)

I am currently working with the Biomedical Physics group at the University of Exeter. I am investigating intervertebral disc mechanical behaviour at the microscopic level. In particular, I am trying to identify the mechanisms of needle injury to the disc.

This work is financed by the Henry Smith Charity.

See this page for a summary of my research work.

05/2012 - 4/2015

[+] PostDoc in Biomechanics, Arts & Metiers ParisTech (France)

Starting May, I will work for the BiomecAM project at the Laboratoire de Biomécanique of the Arts & Métiers ParisTech.

The subject of this post-doctoral contract was the personalized biomechanical modeling of scoliotic spine: I will work in finite element modeling and experimental and clinical characterization for the early identification of progressive scoliosis, and in the development of innovative therapeutic management.

12/2011 - 04/2012

[+] PostDoc in Biomechanics, Maisons-Alfort (France)

The subject of this short post-doct project was the calibration of speed of sound measurements in Human Achilles tendon and equine superficial digital flexor tendon, in order to transform those speed values in tendon force values. I submitted two abstract to the 2012 Congress of the Société de Biomécanique and I am working on a technical note, so you will soon have more information on this subject!

11/2008 - 11/2011

[+] PhD Student in Biomechanics, Maisons-Alfort (France)

See this page for a summary of my PhD work or download my thesis.


Product Specialist in electrosurgery at LED spa, Aprilia (Italy)


[+] Internship - Medical Engineering Department at the Tor Vergata General Hospital, Rome, Italy

Planning and programming of purchases by performing technical and economic evaluations on the medical devices and their available technical support, running of certification tests and maintenance procedures on medical devices, as required by the technical European norm CEI 62.5, Administration of the hospital medical device inventory


Private teacher for high school and university students (Math, Physics, Solid Mechanics)


IT technician and Web designer


[+] Internship, Casa Italia, Sidney, Austrtalia.

Assistant in organization of events, promotion, public relations and logistics during Olympic Games 2000


[+] PhD in Biomechanics

University of Rome - Tor Vergata Santa Lucia Institute Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d'Alfort


In November 2011 I completed my PhD work at the Unité INRA-ENVA 957 Laboratoire de Biomécanique et Pathologie Locomotrice du Cheval; My project was supervised by Pr. Nathalie Crevier-Denoix and co-supervised by Dr. David Mitton. My thesis was defended in front of a jury presided by Pr. Léandre Pourcelot and, to my great honor, I got the highest distinction ("Mention très honorable avec Félicitations du jury"). You can find more information on my thesis work on this page.



[+] Master's Degree in Biomedical engineering

University of Rome - Tor Vergata Santa Lucia Institute Engineering - University of Rome - Tor Vergata

In May 2008 I completed my two years Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. My final project was the developement of an anchorage device for wheelchairs, designed to improve the physical training of disabled athletes. The project was supervised by Prof. Ettore Pennestri' (University of Rome Tor Vergata) and Dott. Marco Traballesi (Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care Santa Lucia).


[+] Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical engineering

University of Rome - Tor VergataPoliclinico Tor VergataEngineering - University of Rome - Tor Vergata

  • Brief dissertation on electrical scalpels (0.8MB)
  • Exams list

In 2005 I completed my three years Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering, at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. My final project was a three months apprenticeship at the Medical Engineering Service at the Tor Vergata General Hospital, under the supervision on Prof. Nicola Rosato. I partecipated in various kinds of medical equipment management, such as medical devices testing, safety checks, managing of devices' failure and maintenance and drafting of tenders contracts. During that time I deepened my knowledge on electrical scalpels, eventually presenting a brief dissertation on the subject.


[+] Scientific secondary school

Scientific secondary school at the Liceo Scientifico Statale "Farnesina" in Rome. Final grade 97/100.